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Hands-on Educational Modules

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Comprehensive ALF Therapy Provider Listing


The ALF InterFACE Academy offers complete transparency to both patients and providers in providing a comprehensive and detailed educational history of our registered providers.

We understand that providers have many opportunities to learn about the ALF from various instructors.   However, our organization can only take legal responsibility to list the courses that are offered through our organization.

 The website www.alf.directory offers easy access to every registered provider in our organization and offers those who view the provider listing the information that they might find helpful when consider choosing an ALF Therapy provider.

ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc. provides detail of the educational achievements of those who take courses sponsored by the Academy and also provides access to the individual provider's website for access to the entirety of their ALF education and related coursework.  

Listing of Providers that have completed Hands-On Modules


To accompany the comprehensive provider listing, we have also created a listing of providers who have completed the hands-on modules offered through the Academy.

The course rosters for the modules sponsored by the ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc. are displayed using the following link: