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Hands-on Educational Modules

Hands-on Educational Modules

Hands-on Educational ModulesHands-on Educational Modules

OraLase Therapy and HINSLR Techniques

Yet another innovation by Dr. Darick Nordstrom




Efficient and Effective

Release of the layer of tissue known as the fascia can allow greater movement and function of the entire body.  We treat the tissues of the head and neck to allow a softening of some of the most used and often abused tissues of the body.


Medical Grade Laser Technology

The OraLase technique utilizes an exceptionally specific wavelength and technique to deliver a gentle warming sensation to damaged or restricted tissues.  

By using a Class 4 medical grade laser, we gain access the deeper tissues of the body which allows our therapies to effectively reduce pain, increase motion and support healing through multiple pathways.  

OraLase Therapy stimulates collagen formation, increases blood flow, softens fascial restrictions and provides an environment conducive to neurologic integration as well as endorphin release  This highly advantageous combination of benefits provides unique and powerful opportunities for healing.

HINSLR (High Intensity Non-Surgical Laser Release) is a very targeted utilization of the same wavelength and frequency used in OraLase, with a more direct, yet just as specific approach to relieving trigger point pain, allodynia and more severely restricted tissues.


Finding Balance

The human body is driven by the brain, supported through our reflexes, moves efficiently through tissue mobility and thrives with the gifts inherently available to us through providing optimal care for our bodies.

OraLase provides us with a safe and effective way to help the body achieve balance and improvements in overall function.