Neurologic processses control airway function

Somewhere along the journey of understanding how dentists can affect the airway, practitioners forgot that the neurology always trumps anatomy.  The signalling for airway function must exist before the structural measurements are deemed to be considered the standards for clinical success.

People with acceptable volumetrically measured airways do not always have functional airways.   They may "look better". but they do not "feel better". 

Higher levels of deniability of responsibility do not forgive the providers who fail to understand the truths of human function.  Basing treatment objectives on structural measurements while ignoring the biometrics of function is below the level of understanding at which ALF Therapy providers have the opportunity to operate.  

Orthodontic expansion therapy is easily measured and implemented in the everyday dental practice.  Functional neurology is much more multifactorial and difficult to discern.

This course offers insight into these truths.  

Option #1 - Dentistry affects the oral environment.

Option #2 - Dentistry  can affect structure of the airway.

Option #3 - The oral environment is intricately connected to the 

physiologic, neurologic and anatomic function of the human system in ways that we are striving to understand.  We affect the human experience by influencing the oral environment.

We are the third option.

This course  will provide a basic understanding of the reflexive and autonomic  "programs"  that run in the background  of the human operating system.   As dentists. we influence this environment whether we know it or not.  

ALF Therapy providers know this fact and embrace this truth.  

Welcome to the future of airway dentistry.

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