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ALF Certified Technicians (ACT) Course- April 6-7, 2020

Welcoming talented, dedicated and elite technicians into our ALF Therapy Community

The successes associated with ALF Therapy are often directly influenced by the quality of the appliance itself.  

The role of the dental lab technician  is essential in creating sustainability and quality control for ALF Therapy as  a treatment modality.

The ALF laboratory certification course provides the opportunity for the dental laboratory to achieve the exclusive right to promote their lab as  being operated by a ALF Certified Technician (ACT).

Dr. Nordstrom will be personally teaching the proper design and fabrication techniques and ensuring that each participating technician is capable of creating Authentic ALF appliances worthy of certification.

During this course, the most recent and advanced design improvements will be instructed to maximize standardization and quality control for ALF appliances throughout the world.

Maintenance of ACT  status will require ongoing yearly training requirements and proof of quality control.   

Tuition and ACT status registration: $1600 Lab Technician

ACT Status includes: 

  • Ability to use the ACT seal of approval  that will be promoted as the standard of care for ALF Therapy providers
  • Customized webpage on the ALF InterFACE provider site www.alfinterface.academy  with active link to the lab website and downloadable lab prescription sheets  for convenient access for the ALF Therapy providers office
  • Listing promoting ACT labs directly to the public on www.alftherapy.com
  • Access to advanced courses in digital design for ALF Aligners (the future of physiologic case finishing)

Course objectives:

  • Authentic ALF design parameters
  • Material selection
  • Various soldering techniques
  • EVA, Acrylic and Essix appliances and modifications
  • Clear instruction on the difference between the various ALF appliance designs and the rationale for the design principles

Dental providers and their teams are also welcome to attend.  The title of ALF Certified Technician will not apply to the dental providers but the knowledge and experience gained by attending this lab course will be an invaluable clinical  asset to all who participate in this intensive course offering.

Tuition for Dentists: $1000/ Supportive TEAM members $500

InterFACE 2020 Conference

It is important for the lab technician and the healthcare team to have a common language with regard to appliance design and fabrication.

By attending the annual InterFACE conference and interacting with the ALF InterFACE family of providers, the lab technicians have an invaluable opportunity to integrate and interface with their clinical colleagues

Professional excellence - Personal experience

Note from Dr. Darick Nordstrom:


For 35 years, ALF has become known as the premiere technique for developing natural beauty, confidence, and resilience (at any age), as well as for its many miracles (medical and behavioral).

ALF Technique was developed  in my quest to understand and work with Nature, rather than force her. 

Beginning with a foundation of natural principles: individual uniqueness and destiny, the developmental continuum, osteopathy, and oral myofunction, the ALF family of appliances was designed to stimulate and support inherent processes in facilitating each patient’s full expression of their divine potential.

I have utilized my skills in engineering and art to made it possible for me to personally create, evolve, problem-solve, and refine the ALF designs, but it is through training other gifted and dedicated technicians (who have become prize members of ALF TEAMs), that ALF Therapy is becoming available worldwide to meet the needs of the children as well as the elite. 

It is axiomatic that the capacity of ALF to release and support nature’s full potential for development and healing in each patient is predicated upon both the dedication, understanding, and skills of the TEAM, as well as the careful loving detail and precision built into the ALF itself by the skilled and experienced technician.

Additionally, it is human for practitioners, as they are learning and applying the broad, comprehensive principles of ALF, to become distracted in the process and deviate from its already sophisticated designs (perhaps attempting to ‘re-invent the wheel’). The experienced ALF Certified Technician, will have ready access to personalized ongoing support of both myself and and the ALF community.  This support and access creates the opportunity for the lab technician to uniquely able to assist each practitioner in making critical choices in behalf of their patients, thus minimizing failure and frustration.

We understand that not every technician will be able to qualify as an ALF Certified Technician, but that those who do will serve a pivotal role in the lives of their patients, and the treatment TEAM. They will experience a deeper satisfaction and reward that will easily offset the challenges of such high-level artistry. 

Dr. Darick Nordstrom