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Hands-on Educational Modules

ALF: Genesis/ BabyLase-ages 0-5 - July 10-11, 2020

In the beginning...


We were created with the innate ability to thrive.  

When unwanted obstacles to natural development occur,  we strive to utilize the tools given to us to overcome those obstacles.  

ALF Therapy honors the "Master Plan"  by mimicking nature's objectives and honoring the principles of human development.  

By striving to create the most natural method of growth and development, our providers can offer minimal  intervention  while offering maximal potential.

This course will instruct the participants on the nuances of the NeoNatal ALF dental appliance and complimentary oral devices and therapies that can augment and support oral function and craniofacial development. 

Course objectives

  • understand how to establish optimal physiology while honoring the principles of preservation of oral volume,
  • understand the relevance of primitive reflex integration
  • options for offering cranial nerve stimulation
  • gain an understanding of how tongue function and the suck/swallow/breathe reflexes can either create success or failure for a small child yearning for an easier life
  • understand how to optimize the development of the growing airway and the neurophysiology that supports restorative sleep and breathing

Course details



Time:  9am-5pm CST

Location: Columbia,IL 

1000 Eleven South Suite 3F Columbia, Illinois

For lodging and travel information, please contact us at admin@alfinterfaceacademy.com

Instructors: Darick Nordstrom, DDS,: creator of ALF Therapy , Angie Tenholder DMD, FAACP, DABCDSM and Nicole Edwin  MS, CCC-SLP, CLC



Limited to 10 providers to maximize hands-on instructional opportunities.

Registration is available by contacting Jamie at admin@alfinterfaceacademy.com.

14 Continued Education Hours provided through the AGD PACE program and sponsored by the ALF InterFACE Academy

**You must complete ALF Foundations to take this course**