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Hands-on Educational Modules

ALF: Grow -Ages 6-12: Nov 15-16 2019/Sept 18-19 2020

GROWing with the help of ALF Therapy



We believe that the opportunities provided by utilizing ALF Therapy to guide facial growth allow us to support your child in ways where other appliances and techniques often fall short.

The use of the ALF family of dental appliances allows an easy to use system of continuous wear as opposed to removable and part-time wear appliances.  Parents love not having to force their children into wearing uncomfortable removable appliances and/or performing boring exercises. Many other dental appliances are both uncomfortable and affect speech, eating and socialization with their peers.

ALF Therapy benefits include:

  • dental therapy fully customized to the needs of your child
  • 24/7 wear to ensure compliance and optimize results
  • support of the child's reflexive system 
  • easy to wear and almost invisible to their friends
  • frequent reports of improved mental focus and physical ability

The decision to care for a child's smile  as they GROW is truly a HEALTHCARE decision.  

Utilizing the appliance designs of ALF Therapy allow providers to harness the potential of Mother Nature

The smile of our children not only has the ability to brighten our day, but also has the potential to improve their lives by applying the basic principles of health and wellness to their facial growth.  Development of the face affects the ability of every person, whether child or adult, to function on a daily basis.   

GROW Therapy provides advantages otherwise not available through more traditional orthodontic options and other dental appliances that negatively affect the ability of the tongue to enhance function and natural growth..  

GROW Therapy is not to be compared to traditional orthodontic services as the methods and techniques of assessment and treatment are distinctively different.

By harnessing the power of Mother Nature, the child has a unique opportunity to grow at their own pace, develop with careful observation and ensure that their precious brain and neurological systems are respected and supported through the entire process of growth and facial development.  

By allowing the brain to connect, nature can take over.

By applying the tips, techniques and tools offered through ALF: GROW, the child will be supported, nurtured and guided through some of the most critical times of their lives.

Course Details



Dates: November 15-16, 2019 and  September 18-19, 2020

Time:  9am-5pm CST

Location:  St. Louis, MO area

1000 Eleven South Suite 3F Columbia, Illinois

For lodging and travel information, please contact us at admin@alfinterfaceacademy.com

Instructors: Dr. Darick Nordstrom and Dr. Angie Tenholder

Additional instructors to be announced



Limited to  10 providers to maximize hands-on instructional opportunities.

Registration available by contacting Jamie at  admin@alfinterfaceacademy.com.

14 Continued Education Hours provided through the AGD PACE program and sponsored by the ALF InterFACE Academy.