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Hands-on Educational Modules

ALF: Foundations May 8-9, 2020 9am-5pm


There are many versions of ALF education, but there is only one authentic version of ALF Therapy as developed by its innovator: Dr. Darick Nordstrom.

This is a uniquely designed course geared for both the entry level practitioner and those wanting to learn Dr. Nordstrom's approach to ALF Therapy as a foundation for future courses taught through the ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc.

The ALF: Foundations course is designed after nearly 40 years of development and guided by clinical collaboration between interdisciplinary treatment teams.

It will be taught both in the hands and on the head as we instruct practitioners, their assistants, business team and hygienists.  By offering instruction on both the principles and the techniques, this valuable information can be applied immediately to patient care in your office

A solid foundation for educational excellence


This course provides the entry point for practitioners who want to start the only ALF educational track that has utilizes the curriculum and appliance designs of the creator of the ALF Therapy system of appliances - Dr. Darick Nordstrom.

This course is not about simply bending wires or measuring maxillary expansion.  The goal of ALF Therapy is to support functional improvements to augment craniofacial development. By understanding oral myology, neurophysiology, principles of osteopathy and reflex assessments, the practitioner can immediately implement the tools, techniques and tips learned at this course in their office.

The Why Behind The Wire curriculum is designed with a principle based approach to diagnosis, treatment planning, problem solving and interdisciplinary care.


-To introduce the history of ALF Therapies and Concepts

-To understand the principles and examples of physiology and nature

-To introduce basic ALF Appliance designs

-To better understand obstacles and opportunities in treatment

Continuing education



The ALF InterFACE Academy is dedicated to ensuring that our members have access to a lifetime of learning ALF Therapy as instructed by the creator of the ALF family of appliances. The AIA faculty supports Dr. Darick Nordstrom in his mission to ensure the authenticity of his message and the advancement of the principle based approach to integrative healthcare.