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Hands-on Educational Modules


Providing authentic ALF education  to integrate our clinical skills and healthcare TEAMs

Continued Education Credit for Dentists


The ALF InterFACE Academy is an approved program provider through the AGD PACE program

All courses offered by the ALF InterFACE Academy have been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) . The ALF InterFACE Academy is approved for awarding FAGD/MAGD credit.

Definition of module:



One of a set of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole

The ALF InterFACE Academy is dedicated to ensuring that our members have access to a lifetime of learning ALF Therapy as instructed by the creator of the ALF family of appliances.  The AIA faculty  supports Dr. Darick Nordstrom in his mission to ensure the authenticity of his message and the  advancement of the principle based approach to integrative healthcare.

Module 1 : Foundational Principles - January 11-12, 2019



 This is a uniquely designed course geared for both the entry level practitioner and those wanting to learn Dr. Nordstrom's approach to ALF Therapy as a foundation for future courses taught through the ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc.

  This course is designed after nearly 40 years of development and guided by clinical collaboration between interdisciplinary treatment teams.

 It will be taught both in the hands and on the head as we instruct practitioners, their assistants, business team and hygienists.  By offering instruction on both the principles and the techniques, this valuable information can be applied immediately to patient care in your office

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Module 2 : TEAM ALF: Thurs may 16th-sat may 18th

The TEAM approach to care is at the heart of ALF Therapy.


Darick Nordstrom, DDS

Angie Tenholder DMD, FAACP, DABCDSM

Dianah Davidson  BS, RDH, COM

At this course, the dental team and the therapy teams will integrate  and share our combined knowledge to learn from our instructors and each other.  
Instruction on dental appliance design and selection will accompany the implementation of techniques, technologies and therapies to supplement and enhance the level of care provided to our patients.
Online course offerings will be included through our Digital Chalk online educational platform.  

The course will include four stations:

  1. Clinical insertion, adjustment , modification and selection of the various family of ALF Therapy appliances.
  2. Hands-on exposure to the techniques utilized by the "body worker" therapy TEAM in the co-treatment of the patient in an integrative healthcare model.  (osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists and others)
  3. Introduction to the concepts, screening assessments and referral protocols used while co-treating with the oral myology or speech and language pathology practitioner.
  4. The laboratory station will enable practitioners and their team to fabricate, modify and repair several of  the ALF appliances in the ALF family.




Primitive reflex integration

Respiratory mechanics

Suck, Swallow, Breathe Reflex



Functional Oral Volume

Fascial restrictions



Rhythm generating centers


TEAM ALF Thursday Elective : 9am - 12 pm


Hands-on OraLase and HINSLR Laser Assisted Non-Surgical Oral-Fascial Releases

Restrictions in the fascial system of the body can impair sleep quality as well as the patient's ability to function.  By understanding the nature of the restriction and providing non-surgical, convenient and cost effective options for the removal of these complex restrictions, we have a unique opportunity to support our patients

Enhanced knowledge to compliment comprehensive care

The utilization of the minimally invasive techniques to maximize treatment outcomes can have a major impact on patient satisfaction.  This hands-on course will allow providers to gain the skills necessary to begin implementing OraLase and HINSLR in their office


Beyond the Airway



There is more to understand about airway function than studying airway structure.

If our patients do not sleep well, they will not function well.

During this course you will also be introduced to the technology and concepts that are critical to understand when identifying patients with disordered sleep physiology as well in addressing their needs.  Instruction on sleep wellness monitoring as well as an introduction to several fun and functional ways to integrate primitive reflex and cranial nerve integration into your clinical setting promises to enhance your level of patient care.


Module 2 - TEAM ALF Registration

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Reminder- If you want to join us for the Thursday electives you will want to register for those separately. 




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Beyond the Airway


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Join us on Thursday afternoon from 1-6pm! This is for a Provider or TEAM member. You must have your Provider present to attend. 


thursday elective



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This is for Providers! Join us on Thursday from 9am-12pm. 


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Need a bite to eat between electives on Thursday? Let us know now and we will be sure you have a meal. We will have a gluten free option. If you have other dietary restrictions feel free to bring your food and we can keep it in the fridge for you! 

Please note there will not be extra meals available if you decide to eat with us on the day of the event. You must register for lunch ahead of time! Thanks!


Full transparency of provider training

Even though the ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc does not provide a certification award, we feel that it is critical to educate our patients on the quality and quality of their ALF Therapy education.   To access the new web page that highlights the  dedication of the participants of our hands-on courses, please click on the following link

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ALF Therapy Education

Providers who dedicate themselves to the resources made available through the ALF InterFACE Academy can rest assured that they are able to receive  support from the creator of the ALF -  Dr. Darick Nordstrom and his trusted faculty.

All courses offered through the ALF InterFACE Academy are approved for dental continued education credits through the Academy of General Dentistry's Program Approval for Continuing Education (AGD PACE)

Lifetime of learning

The process of evolving from a  student to a practitioner  confident in their skills requires support, feedback and access to many levels of access to the information helpful in implementing and integrating the concepts into the clinical setting.

We encourage our providers to proceed with their education at their own pace without confining the learning opportunities to a finite program. 

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interface 2019 june 13-16,2019

Location and arrangements for Midwest courses

Courses located in the heart of the US as well as on the West Coast


At the midline of our country at the Gateway to the West, St. Louis is a centralized location to host events for our ALF InterFACE community.

Several courses are also offered on the west coast in the San Diego area.

Midwest venue conducive to both classroom and clinical settings


The combined clinical and classroom facility located in Columbia, Illinois is a short 30 minute drive from the airport. The third floor is the location of the clinical portion of the course and is fully equipped with 5 dental operatories, a dental laboratory, a conference  room and many other amenities helpful for creating a learning space for clinicians.  The fifth floor is the home for the classroom portion of the course and includes both a large conference area as well as a smaller conference room for breakout sessions.

Directions via Google Maps

Lambert International Airport

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is the primary airport in the St. Louis area,

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Convenient lodging options


Spcial room rates are available through the Hampton Inn in Columbia, Illinois which is only a few miles from the course venue.  

Hampton Inn Website

Small town, big benefits


Quaint, historic and cozy Columbia, Illinois is a short distance from the  St. Louis Metropolitan area and hosts several destinations enjoyed by its visitors.

Additional fun facts


For additional information about the area please use the following link.

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