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ALF Therapy: Dr. Darick Nordstrom

ALF Authenticity


The ALF dental appliance was created by Darick Nordstrom in 1985.

ALF Therapy is a principle based therapy founded upon on the laws of nature.  Many have imitated.  Only one has innovated.

He continues to innovate and support ALF Therapy providers dedicated to seeking higher learning.

ALF is not just a wire.  It is not about just structure, airway or osteopathy.  ALF Therapy is an opportunity for improved function and an increased quality of life.


It is a principle based therapy based on years of development that cannot be imitated by those without the experience or knowledge to share it with others.

This organization supports his mission.  We want to provide quality education at a reasonable price that is accessible to  those willing to join us on this journey.  

Dr. Angie Tenholder is honored to support Dr. Nordstrom in his mission of creating an environment for authentic ALF Therapy educational opportunities for our healthcare community.  She became an ALF Therapy patient and provider in 2005.  After realizing how ALF Therapy changed her life and those of her family and patients, she wanted to share that experience with others.  She learned from many and then decided to learn from the best by continuing her post-doctoral education by taking as many courses as possible with Dr. Nordstrom over the past decade.  

Dr. Tenholder has achieved fellowship status in the  American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, Diplomate status in the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine, membership in the Osteopathic Cranial Academy as well as several other diverse professional organizations.  Her experience as a general dentist providing ALF Therapy for over a decade as well as her background as a patient, mother and doctor provides her with a unique opportunity to help other providers understand the many benefits of ALF Therapy.

We are all in this together.  Welcome to the ALF Therapy family.

What is ALF Therapy?

 The Advanced Light Force dental appliance was developed by a dentist who asked a simple yet profound question:  Why do some orthodontic techniques create a synergy with the body and others create obstacles to health and function?   Dr. Darick Nordstrom developed the ALF appliance with the goal of improving the overall health, beauty and function for the patient while providing a simple, effective and easy to wear family of dental appliances.   

Continued Education Credit for Dentists


The ALF InterFACE Academy is an approved program provider through the AGD PACE program

All courses offered by the ALF InterFACE Academy have been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) . The ALF InterFACE Academy is approved for awarding FAGD/MAGD credit.


Our Professional Organization

Location and arrangements for Midwest courses

Courses located in the heart of the US as well as on the West Coast


At the midline of our country at the Gateway to the West, St. Louis is a centralized location to host events for our ALF InterFACE community.

Several courses are also offered on the west coast in the San Diego area.

Midwest venue conducive to both classroom and clinical settings


The combined clinical and classroom facility located in Columbia, Illinois is a short 30 minute drive from the airport. The third floor is the location of the clinical portion of the course and is fully equipped with 5 dental operatories, a dental laboratory, a conference  room and many other amenities helpful for creating a learning space for clinicians.  The fifth floor is the home for the classroom portion of the course and includes both a large conference area as well as a smaller conference room for breakout sessions.

Lambert International Airport

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is the primary airport in the St. Louis area,

Convenient lodging options


Spcial room rates are available through the Hampton Inn in Columbia, Illinois which is only a few miles from the course venue.  

Small town, big benefits


Quaint, historic and cozy Columbia, Illinois is a short distance from the  St. Louis Metropolitan area and hosts several destinations enjoyed by its visitors.

Additional fun facts


For additional information about the area please use the following link.

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